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Your MBA in EQ, the emotional intelligence you need to be successful in any career, or as an entrepreneur. Learn from the people who have already made it, as well as coaches and experts in the “soft skills”, which most people find hard. Discover why your career may be stalled or your business floundering, while others, perhaps less qualified, seem to get to the top easily.


The Big Positive Guy confronts death with the help of family, friends, and a bell of hope.

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At just 22 years old, this young lady, hailing from Mthatha in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa, is easily one of the top 10 most impressive people I’ve ever met. She’s already flying high, and she’s only just taken off!

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How we won the World Negotiation Championships, and what’s next.

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August 24, 2020

S02 E06: Raymond Ndlovu

Corporate executive, Serial Entrepreneur, premium wine producer and Quintessential good guy.

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Things you should know and thought you did! Derek teaches you the basics . Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. We’ll deal with everybody’s questions in a later episode.

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July 10, 2020

S02 E04: Doug Hoernle

From  a spur of the moment decision to buy 1000 cases of wine, with no spare cash and nowhere to store it, to producing an app with a million downloads, this young entrepreneur has done it all. And he’s just getting started!

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